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A day in the life of a Head of Global Delivery with Anuj Bansal

We love getting to know our team! What makes their job interesting, what is unique about working for a healthcare agency, and all the skills that they need to make their job possible. 

Today we spent some time with Anuj Bansal, who let us in on the day-to-day life of his role as the Head of Global Delivery.

1) Who are you?

My name is Anuj Bansal, and I am the Head of Global Delivery.

2) What do you do?

I oversee and manage the teams in our India office, manage bookings, compliance, OOH, and IT team.

3) Where do you work?

Gurugram, Haryana India.

4) What is your speciality/focus?

People management, coaching and development. 

5) When did you join us?

After working for 2 years between 2016 and 2018 in Learning and Development, I re-joined in February 2020. 

6) Tell us something interesting about your job.

Being a people person, the most interesting part of my job is listening to my team and having conversations with them- not just about their work, but also their family, hobbies, and motivation. One thing that all of us look for in today’s fast paced life is someone who can listen to us without bias and paradigm- that’s the most interesting part of my job. 

7) Do you have a team? If yes, how many?

While I have the responsibility to support and manage everyone, I have a team of 8 amazing supervisors who help me to ensure that everyone is happy and motivated. 

8) What is unique about working for a healthcare agency?

The pride and honour that you feel when you realize every day that your job is related to saving people’s lives and improving patient care.

9) What do you enjoy most about working for a healthcare agency?

The knowledge about healthcare around the world. Since our team is growing across the globe, it gives us insight about what the healthcare system looks like in different countries and there is always something new to learn about medical terminologies every day. 

10) What does it take for someone to work in your position? Are there any specific skills that you need? E.g. Work under pressure, good time management, etc.?

Everyone learns from experience and the most important skills a ‘people manager’ needs are empathy and emotional intelligence. I have worked with some amazing professionals in my career who have always focused on these aspects of managing a team. 

11) Tell us something interesting about your day today.

I got a chance to listen to South Africa’s national anthem today. That’s what I love about my job here. The cultural diversity gives you an opportunity to learn so much more and promote feelings of respect and collaboration.  

12) What is next on your to-do list?

Well, that is something exciting! I am going to work with our amazing Marketing team on the Diwali campaign for the team in India. Diwali is like an Indian Christmas and there is so much love, light, and peace around.

Thank you, Anuj, for sharing your work and life with us! Your role and experiences sound like you have a wonderful working environment, and we hope you continue to love your journey. 


If you’d like to join us or find out more about what it’s like to work for us, get in touch here.