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Care Homes and Supported Living

Empowering Independence: Cromwell Care - Staffing Solutions for Care Homes & Supported Living

Peace of mind for you, exceptional care for your residents/patients.

Staffing Shortages Got You Stressed? Cromwell Care offers a refreshing approach to staffing solutions for care homes and supported living facilities. We understand the challenges you face, and we're here to help you ensure your residents/patients receive the exceptional care they deserve.


Why Choose Cromwell Care?

  • Reliable & Qualified Caregivers:  We provide a dedicated pool of compassionate and highly-trained caregivers to meet your specific needs.Flexible Staffing
  • Options:  Fill temporary gaps, cover staff leave, or find permanent additions to your team – we offer a variety of options to fit your schedule
  • Reduced Workload for You:  Focus on what matters most – resident/patient care – by offloading the burden of recruitment and onboarding to us.
  • Peace of Mind Guarantee:   Knowing your staff is reliable and qualified allows you to focus on delivering exceptional service. 


Empowering Your Team & Residents/Patients

Our caregivers are passionate about making a meaningful impact. They'll seamlessly integrate into your existing team, fostering a positive environment that empowers both residents/patients and staff. 


Ready to Find Your Perfect Staffing Solution?

Let's chat! Schedule a call with our Head of Care Homes and Supported Living, Fraser Wood.

We'll discuss your specific needs and create a customized staffing plan that fits your budget.

Click here to call or email Fraser at +44 20 3871 7414,



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What are the expectations of nurses?

Nurses in nursing homes are expected to provide medication administration, vital sign monitoring, and daily care for elderly residents, offering emotional support and comfort.

In mental health homes, nurses administer psychiatric medications, conduct assessments, and create therapeutic environments while facilitating group therapy sessions. Compassion, patience, and commitment are vital qualities in both settings as nurses strive to improve residents' well-being. 

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