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Insights About Teamwork in Healthcare

Teamwork is an essential component of a successful nursing unit. When collaboration is successfully adopted within a healthcare setting, patients care is improved, processes become more efficient, and work satisfaction increases. 
What better way to learn about teamwork and how to promote it than from hearing about a nurse’s perspective? We’ve reached out to our nurses and one of them, Gbolahan Fashola, has some interesting insights to share.
What experience would you like to share about working as part of a team in a nursing unit?
I was recently on a 1:1 observation with a patient. He was more stable in mental presentation and settled in his mood. However, there was a concern about his physical vital signs’ observation. The allocated RMN was informed immediately as was the ward doctor. I continued to reassure the patient of their safety, while further investigation was carried out by both the doctor and the allocated nurse. His medication observation of vital signs checks interval were reviewed. Throughout this time, the patient remained stable and felt reassured.
How do you encourage teamwork in a nursing unit?
  • Simple, adequate, clear, and informed communication. 
  • Appropriate allocation of tasks. 
  • Intermittent review and feedback. 
  • Professionally give feedback to team members. 
  • Identifying knowledge or skill gaps and making room for shared learning.
Why should each person on the team have clarity about their role and responsibilities?
This will encourage time efficiency by getting much done in a short period. It will also promote positive outcomes.
Does teamwork inspire you to do your best?
Do you feel that you need recognition for your role when working as part of a team?
Please explain why you do or do not need recognition when working as part of a team.
It is teamwork, and no one should expect to be seen as differently from others. When we achieve or fall below expectation, we should all be responsible for it.
Does teamwork help you to learn/develop your skills?
Would training help you to work better as part of a team?
What kind of training would help you to work better as part of a team?
Up-To-date training in our profession is uncompromisable. It will always be beneficial to an individual in particular and to the team in general, to always be current and well-informed in terms of training.
How do you think that teamwork contributes to effective solutions in a nursing unit?
Working as a team is mostly has a holistic positive outcome when having an intervention regarding patient care and safety.  It also promotes great staff welfare and stable emotional intelligence.
Thank you, Gbolahan, for sharing your experience and wisdom with us!
At Cromwell Medical, we work as one and promote teamwork wherever we go. If you feel that you want to join a team that looks out for one another and strives to improve patient care, take a look at our vacancies and apply if there’s something in which you’re interested. Please also register here for the latest nursing, medical and healthcare job alerts. You can also upload your CV here.