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Cromwell journeys: An interview with Aditi Bhowmick

Here at Cromwell Medical, we are always looking to speak to top talents across the world to join our ever-growing family. Rather than us telling you all the great things there is to hear about working with us, we have asked some of our teams to talk to you about a big move they have made with Cromwell Medical.
We spoke to Aditi, Account Manager, who works for one of our brands in the UK about her experience of relocating from our global office in India to the UK. 
Hi Aditi! Thank you for sharing your experience with us today. We already know which team you work for, could you tell us when you relocated to London?
Yes, it was February 2020.
How did Cromwell Medical support this move? 
This move is a testament that the management is always listening and is equally invested in your professional goals and wellbeing!
Almost 4 years ago, I expressed my interest to settle and work from London and Cromwell Medical actually made it happen, it was a long process, but we made it work. HR were phenomenal in sorting out the legalities behind this move and helping me settle in. This just shows if you are willing to work hard with gusto and sincerity, Cromwell Medical will always support you in achieving your dreams!
Do you feel that being in London has made a positive change to your life? If yes, how?
Being in London is literally the best thing that has happened to me and my immediate family. It is a complete change in scenario when you get to see the impact of your work first-hand. My candidates are ecstatic that I am here, taking care of them and this has impacted positively on my work and motivation. We have always aimed at developing a ‘fan culture’ amongst our nurses and being here- they become more of your family than just candidates in your database. The work life balance has never been better! Working closely with senior management here has given me a better exposure to leadership and enhancing my skills. The future looks brighter now, as we know we are able to provide for world class education, healthcare and lifestyle for the next generation.
If someone else was thinking of doing the same move, what recommendations could you give?
First and foremost, be dedicated to this ‘move’, meaning you must keep your side of the bargain and prove that this is the right decision for both parties. One must understand the immediate changes in culture and lifestyle when thinking of moving here. Acclimatisation is key and must be prepared for in advance. Have patience to see your hard work turn to fruition. It is a long-term commitment/opportunity and your life’s goals must be aligned with it, to make it a success.
What is your favourite thing about London?
The communal feeling. It is my home away from home. As I am living my dream life in London, it has never made me feel alone! I feel settled and no longer been pulled in different directions by life’s choices. Every day is like a gift and each experience here, gives us so much of joy, like discovering a new world entirely. It is like a bottomless pool of motivation to work harder towards my career progression.
Thank you so much Aditi for taking the time to speak to us, it is wonderful to see your dedication to the company every day and how you have such compassion and care towards your candidates, we know by the glowing reviews that you receive how much they really appreciate you. We will leave you now to get on with your day!
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