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Cromwell journeys: An interview with Lalit Singh Dasila

Here at Cromwell Medical, we are always looking to speak to top talent across the world to join our ever-growing family. Rather than us telling you all the great things there is to hear about working with us, we have asked some of our team to talk to you about a big move they have made with Cromwell Medical.

We speak to Lalit, recently promoted to Senior Account Manager, who works in the UK about his experience of relocating from our global office in India to the UK. 

Hi Lalit! Thank you for sharing your experience with us today. When did you make your move to London?
It was February 2020.

Can we ask how Cromwell Medical supported your move?
Cromwell Medical assisted with my Visa, Flights and BRP. I also received a very warm welcome from our Managing Director Beth who picked me up from the Airport. Cromwell Medical have made me feel at home in a whole new country.

That’s great! Did you have any concerns about the move? 
No concerns at all and everyone was very supportive in the London Office.

If someone else was thinking of doing the same move, what recommendations would you give?
Set your goals and work hard to achieve them. Buy some winter clothes and learn a bit more about the geography. Make a bucket list of the things you want to do and see before you come.

Great recommendations! What is your favourite thing about London?
Meeting nurses and clients that I have worked with for numerous years. Working in the London Office and the energy and environment there.


We can confirm that the nurses and clients also love meeting you, we heard that some of them even came to the airport to meet you upon your arrival which is testament to the great relationships that you have built!

Thank you so much Lalit for taking the time to speak to us, we see and hear your name nearly every week in some wonderful reviews from your nurses. We will leave you now to get on with your day.

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