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Mental Health Awareness: Uzomaka Felicia Chukuchebe

Mental Health Awareness

This years topic is kindness, we spoke to our Nurses who shared their views and thoughts around Mental Health Awareness.

Read our interview with our Nurse, Uzomaka Felicia Chukuchebe

1. Have you been shown any acts of kindness in the last week? Please give details if you have.

Kindness is relative.

2. What is the most memorable act of kindness you have experienced? How did that act make you feel?

Normal job.

3. Have you carried out an act of kindness yourself this week? Why did you do it and how did it make you feel?

Community work, offer money, food and advice. Very happy to help!

4. What do you do to ensure you maintain a healthy headspace and relieve stress?

Not bringing work home, relaxing and staying positive. Talking and resolving the issue relieving the stress.

5. What do you think could be done to help those who have suffered/are suffering from mental health issues caused by COVID-19?

Proper assessment and group support and assistance. Providing basic amenities and understanding.

6. How do you encourage kindness (at home or at work)?

Conviction to help, spreads within the community. It is good to show kindness and doing it myself.

7. The #BeKind campaign sparked an interesting media interest in early 2020, do you think this is something that still carries a lot of weight and can be propelled upon? Please give reasons based on your answer.

Yes, it should never stop! Bullying is unacceptable. We have to be more accepting of each other.

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