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Practice Effectively

Practice effectively

  • Maintain the clinical knowledge and skills you need to provide safe and effective care - it is your responsibility to keep updated so that you can identify and reduce risk/errors.
  • Ensure you use appropriate, clear communication methods/techniques and tools so that your patients/clients/relatives and colleagues understand the message you are conveying. Check you have been understood and, when writing, that this is legible.
  • Keep clear and accurate records, do not make false entry, and date/time and sign entries. If you need to make a retrospective entry, ensure this is clearly stated.
  • Work co-operatively in the team, be proactive in your communication and make sure you are working with your colleagues to minimise the risk of harm to patients/clients/visitors and staff.
  • Show active support of colleagues, offer help to others, and share your knowledge and experience. If you are asked to help, do so in a positive way. Be able to negotiate with a colleague if you are not free immediately – agree when you can assist.
  • If you delegate a task/duty to a colleague, it is your responsibility as a Registered Nurse/Midwife to ensure that the person has the competency to undertake this, that you provide adequate supervision and support to them and you confirm the task has been completed to the required standard.
  • If as an HCA/support worker you are asked to do something you are not competent to do, you must not do it and you must explain to the person asking you why you cannot do the task/duty.