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Prioritising People

Prioritising people you are caring for


  • Ensure you provide compassionate care to people, be they a patient/client, their friend/relative or a colleague. Remember to make sure that you treat people as you would want your family/friends/yourself to be treated.
  • Allow the people you are caring for to make their own choices and if you are not sure, escalate to a more senior person. Always make sure you clearly document the care the person receives or declines – each person has a choice but be aware of relevant laws relating to mental capacity and ensure local policies are adhered to.
  • Ensure you give care in a timely manner and with documented, informed consent where required.
  • Be the advocate for your patient/client by making sure their wishes are known and taken into account in all decision-making which affects them.• Always professionally challenge poor practice and discriminatory attitudes and behaviours.
  • Respect a person’s right to privacy and ensure you follow all local policies related to sharing information.