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Promote Professionalism and Trust

Promote professionalism and trust



  • You are the representative of your agency and so, it is important that your attitude and behaviour show you to be a person of integrity, caring and compassion – someone who works well as part of a team, who has a positive, proactive approach to delivering the care your patients/clients always need and being supportive of your colleagues. Be a positive role model.
  • Remember that your attitude and behaviour influence how others see and treat you, so treat people as you would want to be treated. Remember that your body language is as important as the words you use.
  • Act within the law and your professional boundaries at all times. Do not express your political, religious or moral beliefs to people in an inappropriate way – personal beliefs are yours and do not need to be shared.
  • Remember when using social media/networking sites, to ensure that you respect a person’s right to privacy and remain professional at all times.
  • It is important to uphold your position, as you are representing your agency at all times. For those who hold a professional qualification, your respective registration governing body has standards which you must meet. You can see these in the relevant Code of Practice for the NMC, HCPC, SSSC etc.
  • Registered staff must maintain full registration and comply with the revalidation (or equivalent) processes. You will be withheld from working with your agency if your registration lapses.
  • If a professional review with your Registration body is required, you MUST notify the Head of Nursing at ICG Medical Ltd immediately so that support can be provided to you, where appropriate.
  • All staff must maintain compliancy requirements and whilst reminders will be provided, it is your responsibility to meet the deadlines to complete the requirements. If you fail to do so, you will be withheld from working further with your agency.
  • Complaints or other feedback may be submitted about both clinical and non-clinical issues. If you are contacted via email, text message or phone call by someone representing the Head of Nursing Office, you must comply with their requirements e.g. statement deadlines. Failure to do so can lead to you being prevented from working with an organisation.