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Skype Interview Process

Once the contract has been awarded and the implementation meeting has occurred between the trust and the project manager from CMS, the CMS consultants are briefed and will begin to source candidates based on the requirements they have been given.

Once the project has had the approval from all the key stakeholders, the marketing campaign begins, the SA office/overseas suppliers briefed, and initial screening conducted.

Once a shortlist has been put together by CMS, the trust will be asked to provide an interview panel of at least 2 members of the nursing staff.

The interview schedule will be arranged by CMS staff and will be held on site at the trust. The candidate’s documents including CV & English-speaking proof will be sent a week in advance along with the interview timetable and contact details of the candidates. We allow 30 minutes for each interview. A CMS member of staff will be on site or on hand via phone to assist the trust with any difficulties during the day.

Once the candidates have been interviewed the successful candidates will be giving feedback and told of their success. Please let us know if you would like to send candidates the offer letters or CMS will do this.

Documents to be provided in offer letter:

  • Offer Letter – Please provide this to CMS to send to candidates
  • NMC Third Party Form
  • NHS Application Form
  • Reference Request Form
  • Health Questionnaire
  • Accommodation Form
  • COS Form

To maintain a healthy candidate pipeline, we recommend 1/2 full days of interviews monthly until we have the required number of staff hired. We will maintain a database of candidates to allow for rejections or dropouts. Interviewing via Skype is a reliable and cost-effective approach of hiring as opposed to a trip to the source country. Hiring this way could save the trust approximately £7000 that would have been spent travelling to India/SA.


Week 1-4: Contract awarded, and CMS staff and Indian agent/SA office is briefed, and the initial screening process begins

Week 5: Skype interviews with the trust – All successful candidates will receive their offer letter on the same day or morning after the interview and informed of the next steps

Week 6-7: Post interview week, CMS will communicate with candidates and establish who is ready/ compliant to land. The landing dates are discussed and confirmed with the Trust. All candidates continue their NMC registration process and CMS collect other compliance documents. All compliance documents will be provided to the trust via a secure online file sharing system - Dropbox.

Week 7-9: Once the candidates have confirmed to CMS, they are happy to travel to the UK in the next cohort and their compliance levels have been confirmed, we will send the Trust the documents for the Certificate of Sponsorship (COS). Once the COS has been issued, CMS will send it to the candidates who require a COS to apply for their VISA.

Week 9-12: Once the candidates have applied for their VISA it usually takes 15 days for the VISA to be approved. Once the VISA is approved, CMS will confirm to the trust who is landing in the next cohort, book the flights and the Trust will confirm their accommodation. We strongly suggest landing the cohort on a Wednesday and starting their OSCE training the following Monday to allow time to settle into their accommodation, recover from jetlag and open a UK bank account.

We pride ourselves, in providing a personable service. Candidates are collected from the airport on arrival day by a CMS representative who then accompany them in pre-booked transport to their accommodation.

We believe this personable approach makes the whole moving process much easier for the candidates and creates a welcoming first impression. We also keep in contact with the candidates after the onboarding process has begun to help them with any concerns or questions about their new home. We provide candidate with a “Life in the UK Booklet” which is written by the project manager for each account. It includes information such as local churches/places of prayer, local supermarkets specific to the nurse, how to set up a bank account etc.

We pride ourselves on our 100% retention rate which is due to candidate satisfaction. Once the candidates have arrived at the accommodation, CMS will invoice the trust. All reimbursements are paid to the candidates by CMS into their UK bank account.

Cost per nurse

For the interview process costings, please get in touch.

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