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Thank you for being you



The last year and a half has been tough. The World has changed. We've conquered things. We've mucked in. We've lost loved ones. But we've done it together. However, surviving is always built on the back of the strong. You are the strong. The men & women of the healthcare industry are the strongest of us, and we thank you. Every day.

We can't know what it has cost you but we want to provide support where we can. Please have a look through this page and utilise it at your convenience. We've put together a collection of exclusive links and videos here that you may find helpful or supportive or insightful. Hopefully all of those. 

It's our way of saying 

"Thank you, for being you."



Alice McConnell
Head of International & Permanent Recruitment

Danielle Nel
Booking Consultant

Tamanash Chatterjee
Associate Director

Do you want help?

Our Frontline is here to provide 24/7 emotional support, by call or text with trained volunteers or online resources, to all the workers who have been on the frontline throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click the button below to have a look through the Our Frontline platform.

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Kelly Gaffney
Head of Recruitment

Zara Eley
Team Leader

Rahul Juneja
Service Delivery Manager


How about a webinar? We've  put together an exclusive series of webinars just for you, that we know you'll find helpful.

Click the images below to watch.


Self-Care and You

Your Mental Wellbeing

Empowering You

COVID-19 Support

Raylee Hay

Kyle Murray
Regional Manager

Beth Last
Chief Operating Officer

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