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Pastoral Care Cromwell Provides

Pastoral care definition: help with personal needs and problems”.

We treat all applicants with the upmost compassion and care. International recruitment is very successful if planned and supported effectively. The pastoral support provided can make a big difference to new staff members who will need bank accounts, National Insurance numbers, somewhere to live, access to shopping, public transport and maybe schools. Having staff available to help the nurses through the process of relocation and offer support and is key to a successful transition and placement.

Our projects always support both the client and nurse 100%. Our pastoral care starts from the moment we are in contact with the nurse. The candidates are offered guidance towards the NMC registration, they receive CBT learning materials, OSCE learning materials (and support if they wish to train for their OSCE in India), interview preparation and a protocol we call ‘matching expectations’ where we discuss what to expect from an interview, deployment and working in the NHS.

Support provided prior to interview:

  • CBT learning support
  • NMC guidance
  • Interview preparation
  • Family consent

After a successful interview and compliance process we also provide support in the onboarding process and aftercare. During the compliance process CMS have a 24-hour clinical helpline to support clinical queries or concerns. Every candidate has a dedicated compliance officer who is highly trained to take them through the compliance process. CMS also have Blogs that are relatable and a source of support. We also have a YouTube channel - Voice of Nursing which we put together to support the nursing and healthcare community. We understand that many of the nurses have never left their family home to travel and most will have never been to an airport so we provide huge amounts of support on what to expect when travelling, the documents they will require and even what to bring to the UK in our “Life in the UK” brochure.

We provide the following support:

  • Check in nurses onto flights
  • Airport pick up
  • Welcome breakfast
  • Communication support – We set up a WhatsApp group with all the nurses in the same cohort and the CMS project manager so that they can get to know each other before arriving in the UK and get answers/support to questions they may have 24/7
  • Hospital drop off
  • Settling the nurse into accommodation
  • CMS will check in with the nurses every day for the first 7 days
  • Life in the UK booklet written by the Project Manager which outlines the support nurses will receive while in the UK from CMS

Our aftercare process:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Getting a phone / sim card
  • Helping with orientation into accommodation
  • Shopping
  • Moving out of the Trust accommodation
  • Bringing their families to UK – documentation and support
  • Registering children at schools
  • Create a community
  • Joining a union
  • Insurance
  • Organising social events / hobbies /clubs.
  • Advising of local Indian / African / ex pat shops/communities
  • Links with important members of their communities in UK
  • CMS will also maintain weekly contact with the Candidates for a period of 12 weeks from the date of their arrival