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Want to refer a client?

Introducing the Cromwell Medical Staffing Client Referral Scheme!

We firmly believe in the power of connections, and we're thrilled to introduce our all-new Client Referral Scheme. This is your opportunity to be rewarded simply for introducing us to new clients in need of exceptional healthcare staffing services. You'll be eligible for a cash bonus of £200 as a token of our appreciation! Terms and conditions apply.


Link to Our Terms and Conditions


How It Works:


1. Refer a Client: Begin by introducing us to a new client searching for top-tier healthcare staffing solutions. This could be a healthcare facility, clinic, or hospital seeking the finest staffing services in the industry.

2. Work One Hundred and Thirty Minutes: Once you or a healthcare worker from Cromwell Medical Staffing has successfully completed a minimum of 100 hours and 30 minutes with the referred client, you'll qualify for the cash bonus.

3. Receive a £200 Cash Bonus: As a gesture of gratitude, you will receive a generous cash bonus of £200, deposited directly into your account.


Ready to Get Started?


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Your referrals can make a significant impact, and we're eager to collaborate with the new clients you introduce to us.

Join us in our mission to enhance healthcare staffing, one referral at a time!